SEPT 6 - OCT 11
Design Thinking
for Leaders:
Making Innovation
a Habit

Practical training for leaders to systematically build innovation into their problem-solving approaches.

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SEPT 26 - OCT 17
Slowing Down: Cultivating Healing Spaces of Belonging

Mindful and creative practices to help slow down, heal and collectively receive our greatest wisdoms.

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OCT 19 - NOV 9
The Rights
of Nature

Training on how to draft, adopt, and enforce Rights of Nature laws in cities, towns, and counties.

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NOV 14 - DEC 5
Honoring Your Emotional Ecosystem

Emotions may be our greatest source of instincts, intelligence, and energy. Here we explore the power and potential of this amazing force.

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MAY 18 - JUN 8
Permaculture, Regenerative Design and Earth Repair for the Great Turning

Ecological approaches to creating regenerative systems that lead to a life sustaining society.

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AUG 6 - 27

Through new practices and orientations to life, learn to connect with the deepest parts of your being to bring forth new forms of personal holistic leadership.

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