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Self Paced | Regenerative Agriculture

Self-Paced Online Course with Arty Mangan

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This multimedia course, features 24 contributors with a wide range of expertise: farmers, scientists, educators, activists and authors. We will delve into the fascinating world of healthy soil, gain a deeper understanding of carbon’s essential role in farming, and hear from farmers who will share their real world experiences as they implement regenerative practices on their land.

They’ll enlighten us on the practical applications and impressive potential that regenerative agriculture has to revive healthy, working landscapes; contribute to human and animal health; create an equitable food system; and help heal the climate.

Borrowing respectfully from Traditional Indigenous Knowledge and driven by the concept of biomimicry, regenerative agriculture is a knowledge-based system that returns farmers and ranchers to their rightful role as ecosystem mangers as well as food producers.

So, if you are a farmer, learn how to implement regenerative practices. If you are a gardener, these practices can be adapted to your scale. If you are an educator, increase your knowledge about the regenerative solution. And for anyone concerned with personal, family and environmental health, gain a working knowledge about one of the most effective an hopeful ways that we can heal our relationship to the planet.

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