Saturdays 9 - 11 am (PT)

MeToo to WeTogether

Transforming Gender Injustice into Beloved Community

Live Online Course with Gender Equity and Reconciliation International Trainers
August 3 - September 14, 2024
Saturdays 9 - 11 am (PT)

MeToo to WeTogether

Transforming Gender Injustice into Beloved Community

Live Online Course with Gender Equity and Reconciliation International Trainers

Are there parallels between exploitation of the Earth and exploitation of the feminine?  This was the burning question that ignited a crucial new initiative 32 years ago within the environmental movement, which grew over time to become a global movement, known as gender equity and reconciliation.  The dysfunctional patterns of gender-based injustice and associated tyranny of gendered hierarchies that wreak so much damage in the delicate ecology of human relationships, are closely mirrored in parallel dysfunctional patterns of exploitation, domination, and control that wreak havoc upon the delicate ecology of the natural environment and our sacred planetary home.


We cannot solve either of these massive problems without also solving the other.  For this reason, transforming gender injustice has become increasingly recognized as a foundational component of transforming humanity’s relationship with the Earth.  Indeed, the Earth has its own “MeToo” story, which has been the focus of the mainstream environmental movement for decades.  

Meanwhile the human #Metoo story is just getting started. We celebrate the millions of women who have shared their truth as a result of the MeToo Movement. Yet this is only part of the gender revolution.  Men, transgender, and nonbinary people also have their stories of oppression and abuse that urgently need to be heard.  Men and boys are viciously squeezed into the Man Box, just as transgender and non-binary people are suffocated by heteronormative dogmas.  To fully heal and create a new civilization of “beloved community,” all voices are needed for true cultural transformation.

Bioneers Learning course “MeToo to WeTogether: Transforming Gender Injustice into Beloved Community,” provides a professionally facilitated forum for taking this next step. “In our work, we create a platform for everyone to speak truth to what their experience is,” said Gender Equity and Reconciliation International (GERI) Co-Founder Cynthia Brix. “This enables not only women but also men to come forward, and for people of all gender identities and expressions to come forward—all speaking to their experience of pain and suffering around gender relationships and sexuality.”

This seven-week online course, facilitated by GERI trainers, applies principles of Truth and Reconciliation to gender and sexual injustice. The course provides attendees a safe forum to come together and speak their truth, experience the power of collective healing, and transform dysfunctional gender conditioning into beloved communities. Together, women, men, and people of all genders and sexual orientations can confront sensitive and often taboo issues relating to gender and sexuality to reach a place of newfound respect and trust.

This course will run from August 3 - September 14, 2024, with sessions taking place on Saturdays from 9 - 11 am (PT). Classes will be held via Zoom.





AUG 3, 2024


9 - 11 AM (PT)


  • Co-create safe forums to jointly confront dysfunctional gender and sexuality conditioning

  • Engage in skillful truth-telling, acknowledgment, and deep listening in relation to participants’ personal histories

  • Foster new levels of mutual awareness, sensitivity, and transformational healing between women and men and across the genders

  • Cultivate respectful and authentic dialogue on gender, sexuality, and various key intersectionalities

  • Discover new ways and possibilities in gender relations – imbued with mutual appreciation, compassion, and trust

  • Discover the auspicious potential for transforming gender injustice, and establishing “beloved community”






Gender Equity and Reconciliation International (GERI) applies principles of Truth and Reconciliation to open new pathways to healing, respect, compassion, and genuine collaboration across genders. Developed over 31 years and conducted with thousands of participants across six continents, GERI was formally endorsed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 2013.

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Silvia Araya, Psy.D. is a GERI Trainer and the GERI Latin America Lead. She received her degree in clinical psychology from Universidad Fidélitas in Costa Rica, and practices as a Clinical Trauma Professional, specializing in anxiety and panic attacks. She is a certified practitioner of Family Constellations and a Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher. Silvia is author of three books including Trust and Live without Panic, and her new book entitled, Is This What I REALLY Want?: How to Go Beyond Trauma into the Relationship You Deserve.

Tristan Johannes is a GERI Trainer and the LGBTQ+ Project Lead, and serves on the Board of GenderWorks, GERI’s affiliate in South Africa. He trained youth for over ten years, and served as an administrator and trainer at Chrysalis Academy. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Adult and Community Education Training from the University of Cape Town, and is an ordained minister in the Pentecostal Church of Africa, and a certified Integral Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher. Tristan was selected for the ‘Leading for Humanity’ program of the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation in 2023.

Minister Myra Kinds is a GERI Trainer and BIPOC and Intersectionalities Lead, based in Boston, MA. A licensed American Baptist Minister, she serves as the Minister to Youth at the Peoples Baptist Church, and serves on the advisory board at Gordon Conwell’s Campus for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME). She is a recognized leader in underserved communities, specializing in youth programming, addiction and recovery, mental health, and domestic violence. She holds numerous training certificates in Mental Health First Aid, Recovery Coaching, and Trauma First Responder. Myra collaborates with The Black Ministerial Alliance and MENTOR, and consults with faith-based groups around women in ministry, youth, and gender-based violence.

Garrett Evans, B.S. is International Program Officer and Trainer for GERI, where he has worked full time since 2017. He has contributed greatly to developing the GERI infrastructure, programs, research, marketing, and was instrumental in developing GERI online programs and training. He received his degree in conflict resolution from Portland State University. Garrett began intensive practice in the Zen Buddhist tradition in 2011. Through GERI, he feels called to combine his love for the world’s contemplative spiritual traditions with healing and reconciliation work.


This course follows on the MeToo movement, inviting women and men of all sexual orientations into a safe forum for deep, transformative conversation. People of all genders are welcome to attend this course, and it is important to know that we will at times work in binary spaces. GERI also offers other courses specifically for LGBTQI+ people that are more fluid and non-binary.

MeToo to WeTogether:
Transforming Gender Injustice into Beloved Community


Join GERI trainers to speak the depths of your truth, experience the power of collective healing, and transmute dysfunctional gender conditioning into beloved communities.

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