OCT 12, 2024  - MAR 16, 2025
9 AM - 12:30 PM (PT)

A Course on the Imaginal:

Cultivating the Visionary Self

Live Online Course with Alixa García


Between the ages of 2 and 7, the brain operates in Theta waves. Theta is the brain state for intuition, imagination, and creativity and is a repository for memories, emotions, and sensations. When we leave our childhood behind, we can only achieve this state when asleep, meditating, or creating. This mental state is the visionary field.

While together, we will work with our bodies, activating the Theta state through what Alixa calls Creativite Somatic Practices to help move trauma through and out of the Soma by consciously activating an awareness-centered imagination that serves our awakening towards something beyond the catastrophic urgencies of the now.

In the face of compounding ancestral, historical, and present-day traumas, state violence, environmental collapse, and chronic uncertainty, we know that we need something radically different. Yet, many of us feel the pain of not knowing where to begin. In nature and through the body, we find the ultimate healing and creative force. This course explores and exercises our creative muscle to strengthen our visionary selves by tapping into the Soma through an awareness-centered imagination. When we encounter and encourage the wild dance of the artist within, the imaginative self becomes part of the visionary collective needed for these times.

Through our time together, we will centralize art and creative writing as political and spiritual practices. We will use what is called attention-intensive practices in neuroscience to expand our capacity for imagination and neuroplasticity. We will recenter the Earth while bringing into focus our cosmic responsibility. During our time together we will integrate creativity as a regular practice in our lives and the means by which we commune.

What is the role of an awareness-centered imagination in times of collapse? Creativity is the antidote to destruction; when we create with intention, our creations become the invocation, and the space inside and between us becomes the sanctuary. This course is for those who yearn to be with their bodies and in their creativity as a ritual practice and ceremony.

As we move into the heart of the 6th mass extinction, how do we re-enter the ceremony of life and awaken the Imaginal within? Come, let us sit in circles of wonder and creative devotion as we embark on this 6-month personal and collective journey.

This course will run from October 12, 2024 - March 16, 2025, with classes taking place from 9 am - 12:30 pm (PT) on alternating weekends. Classes will be held via Zoom. The sessions will be experiential, requiring a live presence, and will not be recorded.



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OCT 12, 2024




Please be 100% available to participate when attending the sessions. Make sure to have a private space for your process. We ask that you be on camera as much as possible as the next-best alternative to not being in the room; this will help us to feel each others’ presence and deepen.
The sessions will not be recorded to ensure full authenticity without the fear of being frozen in time.

The course centers on Creative Somatics, so please be ready to engage your body and your inner creator. There will be options accessible for people of different abilities.  

Processing and integration happen between the main sessions on an individual and group level. For this reason, all participants will have access to a Creative Path, a Ritual Path, and a Breath and Mindfulness Path. The Paths rotate every two months so that participants have the opportunity to walk all three Paths during the six-month journey.

The Paths have bi-weekly Expansions (or practices) that can be done as a solo journeyer or in a small Pod between the main sessions, deepening and expanding your journey. These are invitations. You only need to participate in a Path or a Pod if you wish to, though we highly encourage it.

Pods meet once between sessions. The participants of each Pod will determine when and how long they meet.

In times of collapse the Imaginal awakens in search of other vision seekers, catchers of future moments untold; dream-weavers despite - and because of - the cessation all around us.

Alixa García

In times of collapse the Imaginal awakens in search of other vision seekers, catchers of future moments untold; dream-weavers despite - and because of - the cessation all around us.

Alixa García


Alixa García is a Colombian-born, globally-raised, multidisciplinary artist and cultural architect whose work is imbued in ritual, spirit, and deep reverence for our Great Mother, Great Lover: our Earth. She is a distinguished artist, award-winning poet, music producer, published author, and movement strategist. Her groundbreaking work with Climbing Poetree set the tone for years of art for movement building, which has had significant ripple effects throughout the world.

With a rich 23-year background in creative strategies for social and environmental movements, curriculum development, and facilitation, Alixa's expertise has been instrumental in supporting justice leaders, scholars and students, community activists, state representatives, and the nonprofit sector to realize their potential in the areas of creative blueprinting, trans-local and global organizing, and environmental education. Her unique approach centralizes creativity and the role of imagination as an essential tool for liberation.

Alixa is a sought-after public speaker, visual artist, and facilitator. Her work has been published by Whit Press, AK Press, Monacelli, Hatchett, and Daraja Press. She is an editorial board member of ERA Coalition & Fund for Women's Equality and the lead curriculum developer and facilitator for the CS Fund Just Transitions 2024 Fellowship Cohort. She is honored to be invited to curate the Imagination Infrastructure Conference 2024. Read Alixa's full Artistic Bio here.


A Course on The Imaginal: Cultivating the Visionary Self


An experiential course with Alixa García

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