$349.00 USD

Speak Your Truth: Leadership, Writing and Public Speaking

Live Online Course with Jennifer Browdy, PhD

March 1 - 22, 2024
Fridays 9 - 10:30 am (PT)

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Are you ready to become a change agent for social and environmental justice? This hands-on course, led by award-winning author, veteran college professor and arts activist Jennifer Browdy, will give you specific tools and tactics for effectively communicating your vision for a positive future, as well as strategies for building a campaign to make your vision a reality.

As part of a collaborative team of writer-activists, we'll look deeply at some of the major social and environmental issues of our time and consider how outstanding leaders have used creative expression to make a difference. Inspired by these models, you'll work on expressing your own ideas with confidence, clarity, and eloquence, in both writing and public speaking, coming away with a portfolio of writing, a recorded talk, and a circle of kindred spirits cheering you on.

This course will run from March 1 - 22, 2024, with classes taking place on Fridays from 9 - 10:30 am (PT). Classes will be held via Zoom, and recordings of each class will be available for registrants not able to attend.

Bioneers Learning offers a limited amount of scholarships for individuals to attend this course. These scholarships are meant to ensure diverse participation and representation, prioritizing financial support for youth of color and youth from under-resourced communities. Bioneers values bringing together people from a multiplicity of identities and backgrounds. We encourage persons from ALL backgrounds/identities/communities to apply! You are welcome here, apply now: https://forms.gle/yXpY7uAALpguHJsv6